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Using the method of household meat mincer

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Meat mincing machine has two kinds of electric and manual, electric despite the effort, but the big noise, has short operation time, and the cutter meat directly, using high-speed rotating blades, the impact caused by broken meat, because meat faster, usually play poorly, the meat is not sticky, lose the original flavor, and even hit the meat stuffing pork and mutton are not clear, not that feeling. So many people today and recover one's original simplicity, starting with the manual meat mincer. There are many on the market a manual meat grinder, according to data points are: plastic, aluminum, cast iron, cast iron surface appearance of paint tin and stainless steel etc.. Plastic though beautiful, but not by the use, easy to damage, and the damaged parts is not simply about purchasing. Aluminum alloy with cheap price, but we know of aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide into the body formed influence or lung damage. No appearance of paint that we all know, paint is a chemical substance. Using the process of plating surface drop in simple rust, Ankang. Meat grinder not only robust by, and relative safety and health.
Method of use:
1, the body is placed on the edge of the table at the bottom of the fuselage, tighten the screws, so that the machine can clamp the desktop, fixed strong.
2, the meat before putting meat remove skin and bones, and then cut into strips, careful not to cut too broken, cut the meat from the feed inlet to participate, then clockwise shift handle, when feeling feels a bit heavy, clarify the meat has been out, when changing light hand feeling, it didn't meat needs to continue to add meat. Note the machine after use, must be fully opened, with clear water or hot water and detergent to clean dry; the blade can be painted some edible oil, to avoid rust. The meat a little put some will twist more relaxed, the best remove meat reinforcement, avoid meat ribs too much entangled cross cutter and meat power. Some primary food applicable: all kinds of meat (such as pork, beef, chicken, fish, etc.); the other is to ground chicken, duck skeleton; vegetables (such as mushrooms, cabbage etc.) can be mixed with meat cutter; walnut (to remove hard shelled peanut, beans and nuts, etc.).

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