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The difference between domestic juicer and blender? The juice machine pressed Soybean Milk?

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The difference between a juicer and blender.
1, juicer is mainly to squeeze the fruit juice, fruit juice and slag separation, and pressing are also thoroughly, don't waste. Juicer to extract juice does not need to add water directly expressible authentic fruit juices, such as: pear, apple and so on. But it destroyed the fruit fiber, and you drink the juice, and fiber most in the pulp, and pulp has been unable to eat.
2, food machine just borrowed the food name, its use seems to have nothing to do with food. Currently on the market definition of the processor is set to play Soybean Milk, grinding powder, fruit juice, meat stuffing, ice and other functions in one, can easily deal with for the production of fruit juice, jam, ice Soybean Milk, dry powder, meat stuffing, etc..
3, now Juicer brand products have become more diversified, not only can juice, and mixing and dry grinding, because the function is much, so the name is naturally variable cooking machine, but the function of much needed parts more, do more and more, so the cleaning difficult easy degree are different.
The difference between a juicer and Soybean Milk machine
1, Soybean Milk machine can only process Soybean Milk, generally uses the microcomputer control, realize preheating, pulping, pulp cooking and delay automatic cooking process, the Soybean Milk more nutrient rich, taste more fragrance. The cup body like a huge cup, a handle and a mouth, is mainly used for water or Soybean Milk.
2, Soybean Milk machine can not make the juice, but the juice extractor can be processed Soybean Milk. Juicer and Soybean Milk machine squeezed out of Soybean Milk basically is the same, just Soybean Milk machine is relatively easy, press finish Soybean Milk can be drunk directly, while the juicer squeezed out of Soybean Milk need boiled before drinking.
3, juicer many functions, not only can press Soybean Milk, can also be pressed fresh fruit and vegetable juice, can meat, can grind pepper powder, can wear no soaked beans and sugar etc..

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